WWE PPV: Money In The Bank 2017


Dear Reader,

I’m back! I just saw the Money In The Bank PPV presented by WWE on the WWE Network. So I’m here to air thoughts, opinions, and analysis. Basically: the good, the bad, and ugly. At the end of this article, please jump in with your own comments about the PPV!

1st Match: MITB Women’s Ladder Match

Finally! WWE is progressing, but not confidently enough. As a fan, I like to see not only diversity in matches but innovative entertainment. This provided just that. However, all the spots/bumps were a little too safe for my liking. I’ve witness better, dare I say, believable competition on the Indy circuit than this first ever historic women’s ladder match for the Money In The Bank briefcase. I highly respect all of the competitors in this match.
Our competitors: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Tamina, Natalya, and Carmella.

The match was filled with great action. But the story wasn’t there. I didn’t see it. I didn’t know what it was. I was hyped about this match, however. Intrigued. I saw a lot of ladder shoving to bring the opponents down so they could miss their chance at obtaining a title shot. But not much capitalizing on that open opportunity. I know of the great work that Charlotte, Natalya, and Carmella have done. Tamina will always be a dangerous force no matter what, however, I would love to see more from her than just a big women. I still don’t understand the fascination about Becky Lynch. Her character has shown me nothing to get behind and cheer for her. I really don’t cheer for Becky. Just because she gets a little “fiery” angry and wants to kick-ass all the time doesn’t make me intrigued about her character. I don’t know a thing about what or who Becky Lynch’s character.
However, I was impressed with Charlotte Flair’s flip onto Natalya and Tamina on the outside of the ring. I’m also impressed with Natalya. When will it be her time to hold the gold? I want to see a great feud between her and Charlotte. Not a girly feud. But a women family dynasty feud. Like their fathers had. I want great storytelling. Great action. Even! Great vignettes.
Now the controversy of this match. Right now, it’s up in the air. Half of the WWE Universe is divided by the decision of having Carmella win the briefcase via help from James Ellsworth. Now honestly, I saw the dirt sheets go around the internet and spoil lots of things. I just read headlines. I no longer click on internet articles wanting to ruin the spectacle of a wrestling match. For the longest I saw the headline of: (I’m paraphrasing here) Carmella likely to win MITB. Sometimes with a headline as such, it’s good to know because you don’t know the HOW. I surely didn’t know the HOW. James Ellsworth decided to climb the ladder. The crowd grew into an uproar. Half chanted “Yes!”; the other half chanted “No!” But Ellsworth climbed anyway, gained fifteen seconds of boos, cheers, undecided reactions only to drop it down to Carmella. Carmella didn’t know what was happening. She then realized it after she held the case for a couple more seconds. Now technically, Ellsworth shouldn’t have done that. But it’s genius. And it’s not against the rules. There are no rules in a Money In The Bank match. It happened that Carmella became the first ever women’s MITB winner.
I wasn’t sure how to interpret the finish of the match. I felt a jumbled of feelings inside. For one, I was intrigued. Where can WWE go with this? I was fine that Charlotte, Tamina, or Becky didn’t get it. I love Charlotte, but how many times within two years am I going to see her as champion? A little rest always helps. If Tamina got the title belt, it would be short lived. I understand the writers can treat Tamina’s character like an enforcer type, but I want to see what she can really do without a title. Becky in my opinion needs to grow more or at least do something to get me on her side. If Natalya won the briefcase, her run would be interesting. She goes around claiming she’s “The best there is, was, and ever will be.” But I can always get into more detail about this later.
I also felt a little disrespected that the finish happen the way it did. However, looking at the big picture, this is the right direction. It’s still historic no matter what. Ellsworth is hated more than ever. Carmella is doing a good job with her character. She’ll be the hated women on the roster and she’ll not even care. So there’s a lot going for this trip we are about to experience with her. Hopefully, the writers don’t mess it up. Overall, I enjoyed this.

2nd Match: Tag Team Title Match

I don’t like The New Day or The Usos. I just tolerate them both. Do not make it into a racial thing. That seems the go-to instinctive thing to do nowadays when someone doesn’t like or agree with something as you like. Just putting it out there.
I just don’t care about them. New Day is over the top. More over than Doink the Clown. And personally, I’ll say they aren’t gamers. Cool, they have a gaming youtube channel, but it’s owned by WWE. So in the event that a member of New Day want to leave for greener pastures in the world of professional wrestling, that gaming channel is staying with WWE. Just putting that out there too. Hey guess, what! RavageLands Production has a youtube channel too! Just search RavageLands Production. I know! I know! Shameless plugins! Thoughts, opinions, and analysis.
I didn’t like the match. I didn’t like the feud. It’s a time waster. I don’t understand the Usos new gimmick. Why do I have to get behind a ghetto gimmick when I live in the same environment in NYC? The Usos are the embodiment of that ancient old writer’s rule: WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW. Great job writing team! You did just that. The Usos have no mic skills. At all. The Usos cannot be bad guys. Their father, Rikishi was horrible at it. WWE wanted to give The Usos a chance…well how about working with them to make their heel character stand out and eventually be good. And their merchandise? I’m sorry, another plugin: have you see RavageLands Production Merchandise? I could do a better job than the “Day One Ish” shirts. You know what really gets me upset? They have talent, they have a voice. Why are they not voicing their opinion to WWE management? Shouldn’t they get a say in their character design rather than just riding the wave of whatever bull WWE tells them to do. I get so passionate about this because I understand while working with WWE you are safe financially, however your character either it’s created by the wrestler or management should be packaged with care and logic. The biggest thing is feeling that everything The Usos do is fake and forced.
Not much to comment on The New Day.
As for the match, the beginning was boring. Towards the ending it gets good? What? I’m not fond of the little guy taking most of the bumps just to make the big guy look strong. That needs to stop in WWE. Every wrestler needs to have equal time, and equal ability to show off. It shouldn’t always be a one sided venture. Kofi takes some serious and cringe worthy back bumps. Why does he do it to himself! The one thing I can’t fault The Usos, or the New Day or any other tag team in the business for is their use for old school textbook style maneuvers. I like that. But towards the end, the match gets good? That’s ridiculous. And because of it’s excitement, even the crowd was into it, it ends abruptly in a countout! What? That’s bad booking! We need a new champs. Are they waiting for American Alpha to return? Will they ever give it to the Fashion Police Breezango?
I loved that Kofi did a reverse dragon sleeper. I just think the finish of the match was horrible: The Usos leave the belts on a countout. We need new champions.


3rd Match: Women’s Title Match
Lana is sexy. I couldn’t keep focus.

Lana proved to be a good competitor in the ring. She’s a great actress and her wrestling skill is there. She looked great against Naomi. The only highlight of the match was when Carmella decided to come down ringside and trick everyone into thinking she’ll cash in her briefcase. She watched the match, then after Naomi gets the win, teases or rather reminds Naomi that she has the briefcase. Typical WWE fashion.


The Fashion Police gets a small vignette. They play a tape and two mystery men challenge them to a match later on the PPV.


The reports are true! I forgot that Mike and Maria Kanellis signed with WWE. Just haven’t heard much buzz around them after that. Thankfully they are on the main roster of Smackdown Live. Now we get to witness The Power of Love! This would be a great feud if The Miz and Maryse were on Smackdown Live.

4th Match: Smackdown Live Championship match


Don’t Hinder Jinder! That’s right. Money In The Bank PPV was in St. Louis Missouri. St. Louis is the hometown of Bob and Randy Orton. This match was alright. It was slow, dragged, and felt really heavy. Jinder played a good old school bad guy that would just do slow and heavy manusover during the match. But there was less emotion coming from him. The only highlight of the match was having the Singh brothers “try” to attack Bob Orton. And look at that! Bob Orton no longer has his cast! Ric Flair’s face was priceless when that spot happened. Randy Orton wasted little time protected his father from the Singh brothers. He beat them up so bad to which Jinder had time to rest. Randy did the wrong thing, but you have to save the St. Louis Legends! After destroying the Singh brothers, Randy gets taken out with ease by Jinder Mahal. Jinder Mahal retains the title. I like that WWE is running with a superstar that would have probably never seen top tier gold. But WWE is progressing. Just not confidently enough.


5th Match: Tag Team match

The Fashion Police which consists of Tyler Breeze and Fandango fought against The Ascension. The Ascension is a jobber tag team, unfortunately. Ever since their dominance in NXT, switching to the main roster has not helped them. This is in fault of the WWE Writers. There’s not much to talk about this match. It was the quickest match I heard. I was writing down notes to create this article and then, “Ding! Ding! Ding!” Quickest match ever! And the win went to Breezango. I don’t know.


6th Match: MITB Ladder Match


Where do I begin? Baron Corbin disrupting Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance before the match and before his own music cue was awesome! I wasn’t expecting that move to happen. I wasn’t expecting Corbin to finally be all about himself and business. Now his character is starting to round and shape into something good. Before, I wasn’t sold on him. I wasn’t sold on his character when he talk about the amazing things he can do outside the ring that he never applied in the ring to claim that he’s great. Now, he’s improving.

Corbin planted Ziggler with a Deep Six that almost killed a cameraman.

Kevin Owens was the star of the MITB Ladder Match by taking at least three back bumps. The first one was Sami Zayn dropping Owens on the ladder. The second one was taking a half-nelson-tiger plex on the ring apron by Zayn. The third one was the Death Valley Driver from AJ Styles onto the ladder. And Owens still manages to get up and continue on. This isn’t the first time that Owens takes some big bumps. His ROH days trained him well.

I loved how resilient Dolph Ziggler is in these matches. He’s always stealing or highlighting the show. I love how Ziggler used Baron Corbin’s tallness to his advantage when he climbed on top of him to make everyone think he’ll win the match. I love that every superstar got some time in the ring to show what they could do. AJ Styles falling from great height without the briefcase. And then, just when Baron Corbin is ready to climb the ladder, Shinksuke’s music hits. Shinksuke, not such a fresh guy, runs down to the ring and starts striking Corbin with all his might. He strikes the other competitors are well. Even Kinshasa Kevin Owens. And then the fantasy match-up happens. Shinksuke and Styles are face-to-face, staring showdown in the middle of the ring. It looked so cool that they could be on a Mortal Kombat background. They inch slowly to one another, getting ready for flurries of kicks and punches. They truly held the crowd in their hand. And delivered. That’s the spark WWE needs. WWE needs to allow these guys to compete how they know best.

However, Corbin destroyed all his competitors and climbed up the ladder to get the briefcase. Baron Corbin is Smackdown Live’s new MITB winner. Let’s hope this doesn’t fall flat with him just like when he won the Andrea Memorial Battle Royal.



I have no major complaints about this ppv. The PPVs have stepped up in recent memory. I enjoyed it, like how a wrestling fan should.


Let me know what you think about this article. Let me know what you think about the Money In The Bank PPV.


Thanks for reading my dear readers!



Marie DiMarzio

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