YouTube Gaming Channel: 100 subs

Dear readers,

Thanks for stopping by! This is Marie Shadows, CEO to RavageLands Production. I handle all the behind-the-scenes stuff and eventually get in on some of the videos. I would like to extend the offer to anyone reading this, a free viewing of our videos via YouTube.

Link 1: Gamboy?

Link 2: Spidey’s Adventure in RavageLands

We do not try and narrow it down to a specific niche. We, the team, are lovers of all games. We have so many systems combined that it will take forever to get gameplays for all of them.

We are trying to reach our goal of 100 subscribers. When achieved, we will have our very custom URL. Can you, our awesome fans help with that? Help us reach 100 subscribers?

If you like what we offer: subscribe.
If you do not like what we offer: recommend to a friend.

We want to improve and make our videos better for everyone involved. Lend us your thoughts. Lend us your help. Spread the word about RavageLands. We’ll keep you updated. We have some exciting things happening this year. And it will all be shared soon. For now, enjoy our videos.

Hit that like button. Click that notification bell to receive all YouTube gameplays by RavageLands Production.

And thank you for being awesome!

Marie Shadows
P.S.: (Take 10% off your purchase – ENDS JULY 9, 2017)


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