Eva Marie and WWE Part Ways

Dear Reader,

This is a mistake. Why? I am one of the few that enjoyed what her character did on screen. Absolutely nothing. And she was way over than most female competitors. But to finally pull the plug now rather than sooner? Great job WWE. WWE doesn’t like to deal with drama despite for the past plus decade of years, that’s exactly what they’ve fed us. Now, hear me out, my dear readers. Eva Marie was horrible in the ring. And I understand that she’s a model and carbon copy in ethnicity background as the Bella Twins, but I strongly believe that she was way better than the Twins. I can’t stand the twins. They have no personality and no originality. Seriously, face it, even you women.

Eva Marie had a great gimmick: All Red Everything! No one gave her chance. WWE gave her a chance, but the fans didn’t. Wrestling fans are quick to judge and crack the whip of dissatisfaction. I might be the same, but at least I saw potential in her. I saw the small improvements. She had the greatest heat out of everyone, and that’s something to talk about. Getting the kind of heat she got with every performance is priceless, and we judged her too harshly and WWE listened. Despite all her self drama between breast surgery and her man. I’m focusing on her career.

WWE could have put her in NXT. Push her to get rid of any fears in the ring. She could be unmodeled and eventually the wrestling fans would turn on her side and support her. I understand the fears of getting in the ring. I had only one class. I did the basics decently. I was proud of myself. But front rolls are scary. So I can sympathize with Eva Marie if she had any fears. Aside from daily training, keep her heel persona. She’s better than everyone. She’s the top women in body shape and entrance. Remember when Petyon Royce and Billie Jay started out? Not so well, but look at them now. Remember when Alexa Bliss started? She’s women’s champion now!

I’m not saying to place a belt on Eva Marie. It would way too early and look bad for all parties involved. Every wrestler starts somewhere and eventually improves. I can see Eva Marie have a similar role like Lana. Lana is a great actress. Whatever she is told, she does it wonderfully and perfectly. Eva Marie did exactly what she was told and did extra when the boos came in loud and clear. She ate those boos all the time. Eva Marie could’ve been a great valet, and in the wrestling industry we are missing more and more of valets and managers. I wish WWE would have kept her and pushed her to work just as hard as the current women on all the rosters.

What’s next for Eva Marie? I don’t know, but I don’t want this post to be long. I hope Eva Marie stays within the wrestling business. I hope she stretches out her wings and learns on the indy scene. She deserves some type of accomplishment in the wrestling industry other than being know for Ms. Boo-out-the-building.

Thanks for reading, my dear readers. What are your thoughts?

Marie DiMarzio

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