Colin Furze: Furze World Wonder – Official Trailer/Review

Dear Reader,

image[1]Have you met Colin Furze? A British garage inventor and video maker that has adorable wit and a inexplicable passion for demolishing and creating astonishing stuff? He’s a YouTube star and sensation. He has five million subscribers and loves to explode things.

You’ve heard about YouTube Red, yes? The new subscription paid service to watch your favorite YouTubers create TV quality web shows? Well, Colin is part of YouTube Red. Two episodes (and more) are already done and waiting for you, loyal viewer, to be amazed at his amazing talent. This isn’t a paid blog for what I have received. This is free publicity. Plus, I enjoyed the show. Let me get into the details.

Episode 101: BMX Park

Colin Furze is an ordinary man with extraordinary imagination. He used to perform BMX tricks, even made a video about it. A customer named Chijioke reached out to him to help create a BMX park for him and the local bikers. Chijioke owns a bike shop. Colin and Chijioke visits the site that would become the BMX park for some hours before construction begins. Colin is passionate about creating cool ways to enjoy the simplest of constructions. For example, he loves to add fire and sparks to his creations. It looks cool. It looks amazing and witnessing it makes you feel like it’s the greatest things ever created. Throughout the episode he shows you how most things are created. He introduces the team and checks in on them from time to time. By the end of the episode, he turns something boring into extraordinary.

Episode 102: Traveling Music Band

This was my favorite episode to watch. It featured an indie rock band. I like music. Their sound is good as well. They contact Colin to build a new tour bus. Their original tour bus was a beat down, broken down truck named Princess Ravioli. So in Colin fashion destroys the truck and decided to construct a hybrid traveling musical tour bus. He takes a plain delivery truck and turns it into something worth living in and investing. He turned the indie rock band into rock gods. I won’t reveal how awesome the final product was, but believe me, I had a smile on my face throughout this episode. He truly saved their careers. Their music careers were fine, steadily growing, but now it skyrocketed because of the gift he gave them.

Now, Furze World Wonders debuts tomorrow, September 28, 2017. YouTube Red subscription starts at $9.99 a month. I highly recommend watching Colin Furze and his amazing talents.

Here’s how he’s original: no one builds many things with their hands anymore unless they are a farmer. We have invested so much time and energy into letting computer programs run our lives that we have forgotten the true adrenaline rush of creating, destroying, and building. We were meant to build, create, and eventually destroy to start the process all over again. When we destroy something, we often make it better than before.

If you are unconvinced about Colin, think of his show like all the HGTVs except more original. You’ll feel his genuine enthusiasm for helping others achieve their dreams. You’ll feel and understand his genuine love of creating magical inventions all with simplistic tools and ideas.

This show, Furze World Wonders is for the entire family. It brings forth creativity and imagination. And hopefully, can inspire you to do great things like Colin Furze.

Thanks for reading, dear reader.

Marie Shadows

Furze World Wonders – Official Trailer

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