Chapter 2 – Rogues

Chapter 2 – Rogues

The internet buzzed with tweets, texts, posts, and articles about the power liplock that sealed the fate of both Zemi and Lexi as heels taking over Spearhead Wrestling. The feet upon the chest of Zaba Tigre said it all. Headlines popped with: The End of Spearhead Wrestling? Zaba Tigre Destroyed by Rookies! J.Tigre and Zaba Tigre suffer embarrassing mutanity at Spearhead Wrestling!

Cute nickname: Rookies. Not for long.

Zemi sat on the side of the bed with the blanket draped over his legs. He rested his elbows on his thighs scrolling through social media comments and chuckling. Lexi rested longer than needed too. But no one was rushing her. Tonight’s show didn’t start until seven evening.

Zemi’s phone buzzed in his hand. A quick picture of Arnold Kleffer jolted on the touchscreen with options of Decline, Message, and Answer. Zemi sighed, pressed and dragged his finger up to answer the phone.

“Hello,” Zemi said into the phone.

“How could you? Who approved that stunt?” Arnold’s response. He still had his thick Hungarian accent.

“No one approved anything. We acted—”


“Lexi and I,” Zemi said.

“I explained many many times why and when love doesn’t work in this business.”

“Did you call to berate our decision to make a name for ourselves? We have tonight to explain our actions. I invite you to attend.” Zemi hung up the phone. He placed the phone on the bed angrily.

How come no one understand? Two nobodies. Two nobodies jobbing to favorites. The favorites barley show up every week like Zemi and Lexi. They needed their voices heard.

Lexi stirred. “Don’t let Arnold get you upset. He’s no one. He’ll definitely attend, however. He likes a good challenge. Good job.”

“Honestly, it feels great to be free. We’ll have repercussions. Nothing we can’t handle,” Zemi said.

Lexi stretched. “You know we should recruit others.”

Zemi turned towards her. “Recruit?”

“We can’t always watch each others back especially when we are both down. Tigre is going to send his goons after us. We should offer an open invitation to join the Rogues tonight.”

“You already named the team?”

“Not like your going to argue over it. We’ve been rogues since day one.”

“No arguments,” Zemi smiled, putting his hands up, “Have anyone in mind?”

“Two actually!”
“You pay attention to people,” Zemi sounded defeated.

“That’s why you’re not liked by everyone,” Lexi explained. “I’ve wrestle Sadie Vampriya, and she’s great. I was thinking of Anoka Creek too.”

“That would even the sexes.” A small chuckle.

“Yes. But it’s their personalities more.”

“I know. I know.”

“They’re wrestling with us tonight.”

“That’s good. How long have you thought about this?”

“For a very long time.”

Lexi rolled out of bed naked. She walked to the closets grabbing a towel. She winked at Zemi before entering the bathroom.


Spearhead Wrestling headlined Terminal 5 for the night. It was mostly standing room for the fans. The second and third floor balconies filled with fans. Zemi and Lexi arrived to the building. They pulled their suitcases, kept their head down, and picked an empty room to change. Fashionably late as first time heels. The show started soon.

Chad Murphy welcomed everyone to event.

A tiger roar emptied from the speakers. Chad Murphy closed his mouth and lowered his arm. The Spanish instrumental song played after the roaring tiger. J.Tigre power walked to the ring. He stepped onto the apron, through the ropes, and snatched the microphone away from Chad. J.Tigre circled around the ring. He lifted the microphone to his lips. Deep breathing like a bull echoed through.

“Zemi! Lexi!” his screeches reverberated through the arena. “We need to talk! Get out here!”

J.Tigre paced around the ring with impatience and annoyance. The guitar riffs played through the arena. Zemi and Lexi passed the curtains and remained by the ring. Zemi twirled the microphone in his hand. Lexi leaned against Zemi. A smug smile graced Zemi’s face. J.Tigre stopped pacing.

“We’re here!” Zemi talked into the microphone.

“No one has done such a horrific crime against my father! What did you guys gain?”

The fans instantly chanted, “Rookies! Rookies! Rookies!”

“We gained a name for ourselves,” Lexi spoke in the microphone. “We aren’t in the back of the line anymore. We are known. They—the fans are calling us rookies! A name is better than nothing. So we decided to jump from the shadows, to be known, because your father didn’t give a shit about us or any of the other wrestlers in the back!”

“Lies!” J.Tigre squeaked. “Zaba made an equal opportunity promotion! All you had to do was talk with him!”

“Talk with a man who started the Rookie chants?” Zemi said. “That’s downright bullying. But it’s cool. I beat the hell out of him last night and I have no problem doing it again until he learns I’m no longer a rookie.”

“Threats never hurt the Tigre name!” J.Tigre said.

Bang! Zemi’s breath caught in his chest as his eyes widen and he fell forward. Lexi screamed from slight fear and ducked down, side stepping out of danger. Zaba came into the light, slamming the chair once more against Zemi’s back, and mumbled angry Spanish under his breath. He climbed into the ring, chair in hand, and snatched the microphone from J.Tigre. Lexi knelt beside Zemi. He groaned; Lexi rubbed his back. Her face scrunched as she looked into the ring.

“Muchacho y muchacha,” Zaba spoke. “I am your boss! I am the top tiger! You two shits work for me and Arnold isn’t here to save you. Get up! Let’s have a match right now.”

Zemi struggled to get up. Lexi shook her head and yelled, “No!”

“You started this,” J.Tigre walked to the ropes and pointed at Lexi.

“Zaba, let’s talk about this,” Arnold Kleffer said, walking out from the curtains.

Zaba quickly turned his head, stomped to the ropes, and spoke, “No! Your prospects need a lesson in respect. My promotion, Spearhead Wrestling, got disrespected! And these fans didn’t care!”

The fans chanted and yelled, raising fits and such.

“Zaba, you gave them a chance but didn’t allow them to flourish,” the hungarian accent weaved through his words. “Most of your wrestlers are ready to overthrow you!”

“Never!” Zaba fired back.

The crowd ‘ooooooed’.

“Never?” a female voice blasted through the speakers. The crowd cheered with excitement. “I’m Sadie Vampriya and I’m back bitches!” She stepped into the light and smiled, receiving a warm welcome from the crowd. “Pendejo! You never used me more than once on your promotion. And then have me job to a favorite. We’re tired of your control!”

“Yes! Yes!” the crowd chanted.

Zaba staggered back and looked around him. The crowd’s reaction surrounded the ring and Zaba felt a little closed in. Zemi finally stood.

“You’re on my side,” Zemi whispered to Arnold.

“I understand now,” responded Arnold with a nod. It reminded Zemi of those karate movies when the master enabled the student to fight in dire situations due to circumstances.

“We are at a disadvantage,” Zemi observed.

A lone howl then multiple howls echoed from the speakers. A light fog slithered ankle high. Everyone watched they entryway. Who was approaching to join Team Zemi and defeat the father-son duo in the ring? A tall man approached into the light in accordance to the beat of his Ancestral Song by Wonder Lads. He stood still, soaking in the shock and awe reactions of the crowd. A jean jacket graced his broad shoulders, with thick muscles popping from under the open garment, a gleam of bronze skin with deep blue eyes, and a multicolored feathered headdress hid his brown ponytail.

“The ancestors of the wolves have sent me…Anoka Creek,” he announced, a rich deepness to his voice. “The wolves are loyal. I trusted your loyalty Zaba,” Creek paused. “But I guess you can’t trust shifty cats.”

The crowd went wild. Ankoa Creek moved up the steps, holding onto the guard post. “We are even now. Let the wild dogs run rampant on the disloyal kittens.” Ankoa looked back at Zemi, “Your lovely mate made a convincing argument to band together. We have, Sadie and I have your back.”

Zemi nodded. A referee rushed to the ring, slid in the ring, and commanded for the competitors to enter the ring. Anoka cleaned his feet before stepping through the ropes and waited in the middle of the ring. Zemi remained on the apron. Sadie and Lexi stood at ringside, stirring the crowd to fever pitch. Zaba Tigre and J.Tigre couldn’t decide which to start.

“Solo uno,” referee Vance said.

Zaba Tigre eyed him. “We need to start the match. If not, I’ll ring the bell and allow Anoka to attack until we forcefully pick a starting opponent.”

“You have balls,” Zaba growled.

“I got this dad,” J.Tigre said. “Let me take on Anoka.” J.Tigre padded his chest. Such a big boy. J.Tigre stepped up, ready himself. Referee Vance threw the motion for ‘ring the bell’. Once it sounded, Anoka rushed at the smaller man. J.Tigre immediately coward to the ropes, forcing a separation. J.Tigre was only five feet four inches tall. Anoka Creek towered over J.Tigre by a foot. Referee Vance placed himself between the two men. “Back up, Anoka,” Vance ordered. “Let him out.” Anoka lifted his free hands, walked back to the middle of the ring. J.Tigre pounce from the ropes, pushing the referee, and smashed his forearm against the broad back of Anoka. Anoka shrugged it off. He quickly turned, grabbed the little one by the throat, lifted and slammed. Anoka went for a quick cover. Referee Vance hopped down, slamming his hand on the mat, stopping at two once J.Tigre lifted his shoulder. Ankoa picked up J.Tigre, whipping him into the corner. Anoka followed with a lariat. J.Tigre gasped for air. While remaining in the corner, Anoka delivered a series of strikes.

Referee Vance yelled at Anoka, “Get him out of the corner or else! Let’s keep it in the middle!”

“Ref! Do your job! Count him out!” Zaba yelled from the other side of the ring.

Vance stepped over answering, “I’m telling him! He’s not listening!”

This allowed for a couple more seconds to punch J.Tigre. Vance finally returned and started counting for Anoka to stop and get J.Tigre out of the corner. Vance reached a four count. Anoka grabbed J.Tigre at the back of the head and threw him to the middle. J.Tigre rolled on his back, breathing heavy, eyes somewhat glazed. Anoka covered, Vance plopped into position and started the count. Zaba kicked Anoka to break the count only reaching a two count. Zemi leaped from the top turnbuckle with a soaring elbow. He landed on Zaba while his feet almost hit Vance. Vance quickly rolled out the ring, assessing the situation. A brawl started. Zemi punched Zaba multiple times. J.Tigre tired to fight against Anoka. Vance slid back in, pushing back both Zemi and Zaba while dodging punches. Zaba and Zemi stopped fighting. Vance did the same with J.Tigre and Anoka. He ordered the two back in their respective corners. Zemi nodded to Anoka to allow him time in the ring. J.Tigre, battered and tired, didn’t wait for approval from his father to stay in the corner. Vance ordered both competitors in the middle of the ring. “You two are now legal. Fight!”

Zemi and Zaba locked up, pushing for control. Zemi wasn’t having an old school wrestling match. Zemi swept Zaba’s leg causing a fall. Zemi quickly applied an arm bar.  Zaba tried to clasp his hands so the arm bar wouldn’t be fully applied. Zemi kicked Zaba in the face a couple of times. Zemi then twisted Zaba’s arm to a resounding snap! The crowd gasp. Zaba yelled uncontrollably. Vance immediately had the bell rung and threw up an X sign. Zaba rolled around the ring clutching at his arm. A wicked achievement smile graced Zemi’s face. A small chuckle escaped. Zemi stood and flexed to the crowd. Inaudible chants mixed with shouts and yells.

“Am I a rookie now,” Zemi yelled to the fans.

Lexi, Sadie, and Arnold entered the ring. Arnold check on Zaba.

“Why did you do that,” Lexi whispered, slightly concerned.

“For us,” Zemi shared a kiss with Lexi. “Trust me.”

“Zaba and J.Tigre has a victory over you. Happy?” said Arnold, walking over to Zemi.

“Yeah. I’m happy,” Zemi replied. “It’ll be a while before he’s heal. He would learn from this lesson.”

“You’ve become the fool.”

“No, Arnold. I’ve—we’ve become Rogues.”


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