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Chapter 2 – Recruitment

Terminal 5
Spearhead Wrestling Presents: Down with the Ashes
Live TV taping EP 26
Doors 5:30pm / Bell 6:30pm

Jen Walter’s Office
3.5 hours before bell time


Jen Walters sat behind her desk, glasses slowly sliding down the bridge of her nose. She stiffened her back, anger rubbed all over her face. She adjusted her glasses, took a deep breath and exhaled. Did she really need the glasses? School girl outfits required the glasses for the sex appeal, and Jen Walters had plenty, however who fooled who in this stuffy, confined, old white-walled room?

Zemi DeMarx and Lexi Lovehart—the two rogues—sat patiently underneath the cloud of tension. Smiles lined their faces. Lexi leaned slanted in the chair while resting her crossed legs on Zemi’s lap.

“Care to explain your actions,” Jen started. “I know if I talk first you’ll just call it rambling—”

“And overlapping, and disrespectful,” Zemi interrupted. He leaned slightly forward. “I—we finally caught your attention.” Zemi pointed to himself and Lexi. “I wish you would’ve seen it sooner. After all, what good are those glasses for?”

“Watch yourself,” Jen warned.

“No,” Zemi said. “I attacked our beloved superhero top guy Vincent Kross because I rarely get opportunities to prove myself. The crowd doesn’t respect me. You don’t respect. Never did. Never liked me even when your late husband ran this federation. You know nothing of professional wrestling. You’re a stand in until someone buys us out!”


Jen reached across the table, her small hand connecting with Zemi’s cheek. Lexi sat up, ready to protect and pounce. Zemi stopped her and chuckled. “I think I deserved that.”

“Don’t disrespect my husband like that again. Don’t take your anger out on me. I go by crowd support if you must know.”

“And it’s not helping either one of us.”

“Through your own arrogance, you botched a finisher with Yando! How could I trust you with anything else?”

“I’ve been atoning from that! You just don’t believe in second chances.”

“So,” Jen exhaled, “you attacked Kross to get my attention or everyone’s attention?”


“I should suspend you.”

The door busted open, and with quick large steps Vincent Kross caught everyone off guard. He threw Lexi to the floor and grabbed Zemi by the throat. Zemi squirmed in Kross’s grip. Screams and shouts filled the room. Kross held Zemi against the wall. Kross’ grey eyes burned with a killing rage.

“Hey champ,” Zemi said.

“Shut it!” Kross growled. “You attack pretty tough for a rookie,” raspy animalistic growls escaped his throat. Kross tighten his grip around Zemi’s neck. Zemi choked. “Doesn’t feel good, does it? This pain, by your idiotic hands, will last for a month. It hurts to yell at you. But you got balls to attack me rather than talking with me for a shot at the title. But your arrogance got the better of you.”

Zemi dug his nails into Kross’ wrist and wiggled his legs. He started turning blue. Kross decided to drop him but held his forearm against Zemi’s chest. Zemi dry coughed, sucking air back into his lungs. “You need to be taught a lesson. You took away my spotlight. My victory against Rush Gavin.”

“Rush Gavin is no body. I have more experience than he, and he gets a title shot before me?”

“Rush started two years ago with us. You’ve had your six months to prove yourself,” Jen chimed in. Jen cowered behind her desk. Lexi held onto the chair leg. They observed.

“Bitch,” Zemi let the curse slip under his breath.

“Watch your language,” Kross whispered.

“Listen, babyface,” Zemi started, “don’t keep kissing ass to retain your top spot. There’s nothing further than Heavyweight Champion here.”

Kross punched Zemi in the gut. Zemi slid to the floor, his arms wrapping around his midsection. Lexi pushed the chair aside and proceeded to be at Zemi’s side. However, when the first scratches of the chair leg sounded, Kross turned his gaze upon Lexi. A death stare connected with Lexi’s brown eyes. She sat back down. Waited.

“Zemi, you cause so much trouble. You don’t step in line. You don’t follow rules.”

“I’m a heel,” he exclaimed. “Thought you knew that.”

Jen Walters gave Zemi a look. “Tonight you face Anoka Creek to prove yourself. If you win, I’ll give you a title shot at a later date.”

Zemi gave her a thumbs up.

“And Lexi, you’ll have a match too. You’re facing Sadie Vamprya.”

Lexi Lovehart nodded.

“Now everyone leave,” Jen said and looked at her watch. “Showtime soon.”


Zemi heard the excited crowd through the walls. However, their happiness didn’t concern him. He walked backstage to find Anoka Creek, one of the last Native Americans in pro-wrestling. Zemi searched the locker rooms and asked bystanders for Anoka’s whereabouts. No one knew or didn’t want to talk with Zemi. After all, he did hurt their champion.

Walking a little further down the corridor, chanting and burning herbs caught his ears and nose. Zemi lightly walked over to the corner wall. He peeked. Anoka kneeled on a rug. The rug looked thickly woven, blue, and must’ve had his spirit animal imprinted on it. Zemi didn’t know Anoka well, but heard the tale as told by Anoka of him finding his spirit animal. Anoka wears the skin and skull shell headdress of the famed and mysterious Silver Gray Wolf to the ring. He also paints his face of ancient Indian lore using a mixture of crushed fruit and herbs. Three thick marble candles lined the right side of Anoka and a pile of kindling and herbs sat on his left. All items burned, small smoke tendrils swirling upwards. Deep growls emerge from his chest. Zemi noticed his palms sweating.

“Mr. Rookie,” Anoka said.

A small vein at Zemi’s temple twitched. He walked into the dim lighted space, legs weak and wobbly from standing tightly.

“Anoka,” Zemi started. “I’m sorry to startle you.”

“No startling at all,” Anoka said, getting up from the rug. His black hair cascaded freely down his bare back dressed in random braids and talismans. “During my mediation with the spirits, they told of your arrival.”

“Yes. Yes, of course they did.” Zemi didn’t believe for one second. That’s like admitting ghost lore is real. “We have a match. Want to discuss?”

“What ideas did you have in mind?”

“Lay down for me and join Rogue Kingdom with myself and Lexi,” Zemi said confidently.


“Hear me out,” Zemi put his hands up. “Rogue Kingdom is about uniting under a single feeling: overlooked. You, me, Sadie, and Lexi all graduated from Body Slam Academy and since then we’ve done nothing.”

“You’ve done nothing,” Anoka quickly retorted. “Don’t shame me because of your rookie failures. Plus, we aren’t friends, not even during training.”

“That’s not the point, Anoka. And I know that we aren’t friends. I’m not looking for friendship. I’m looking for recruitment so we can take over wrestling and let everyone remember our names. Let’s carve our legacy. Don’t do it for me. You should do it for Sadie.”

A small spark of surprise drew on his face. His eyes widen, mouth slightly ajar, and a lump caught in his throat.

“Think about it,” Zemi said.


Lexi plopped down on the wooden bench lined against the wall. She crossed her legs like a playful teenager and stretched her arms across the bench. Sadie dressed in spandex with a tight tank top and bent in front of Lexi, her fingers touching the space between her spread legs. Sadie exhaled, lifted herself up, and inhaled. She stretched her arms up, fingers interlaced, and silently counted to five then breathed. She turned on her heel facing Lexi, her messy bun bouncing.

“Can I help you?” Sadie said.

“Wanted to catch up that’s all. How you feel about us fighting tonight,” Lexi asked.

“Didn’t even know I had a match.”

“Then why are you stretching? You should be relaxing or walking Anoka Creek to the ring. I always thought you’d make a great manager.”

“We aren’t a thing, Lexi. Don’t instigate,” Sadie said. “Plus, I’m always prepared. Since you’re here, I’m not losing. We’re having an honest match. I always wanted to face you. Every time we battled in training, you sucked.”

“And because of that you don’t want to lose? I’m willing to put you over under one condition.” Lexi sat forward.

Sadie only nodded in acknowledgement.

“I lose and you join myself, Zemi, and Anoka as part of Rogue Kingdom!”


“No? Aren’t you frustrated with being overlooked? Aren’t you frustrated with your position on the card? The crowd doesn’t care about you and neither does management.”

“Don’t you dare compare me to your failures and group them as a singular situation. You sucked at training and you suck in this federation. Accept it. Your mouth is the only thing that improved. Now, we’re going to wrestle our hearts out, I’m not going to lose, and I’m not going to join your team. Now get out.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” Lexi said walking to the door. “But how about this proposition: you help me become champion by beating Sophia Rose, I’ll automatically give you the first shot. Think about it.”

Lexi left the room.


Zemi flexed in the ring. He waited for Anoka Creek. The lights turned off, and through the speakers sounded a loud howl. The lights turned on once the guitar sounded. The drums slowly drifted into the song. Anoka Creek stood on the main stage in full glory. He looked out into the crowd. They cheered, even held up signs and clapped. Zemi noticed. He didn’t think Anoka created this much pull. Anoka walked to the ring.

“Hailing from Wolf Basin, Montana and weighing in at 200 pounds, this is Anoka Creek!” Chad Murphy said and exited.

Official referee Ewrin signaled for the bell. Zemi started to circle the ring. Anoka circled too, keeping a dagger-like stare on him. Zemi stepped forward, and both men locked up in the middle of the ring. Zemi grunted, trying to push back against the stronger, more muscular Anoka. Anoka pushed Zemi back with ease. But Zemi swept his leg under Anoka’s ankle causing a surprise fall. Anoka’s shoulders hit the mat, expelling some air from his lungs. The collar and elbow tie-up remained tight. Zemi used his weight to keep Anoka pinned. The referee dropped to the mat and started counted. After slamming his hand down for three, he gave the signal for ringing the bell. A hush silence drew over the crowd. Then the chants, “Bullshit!” erupted. Zemi victory lapped around the ring. Anoka didn’t understand what happened. He sat up and Zemi noticed. Zemi leaned against the ropes, shrugged his shoulders and left the ring. Going up the ramp, he flexed with a huge grin.

Lexi Lovehart met Zemi on the main stage. She hugged him in her elated cheerleading. “We’re no longer failures! You did it!” she said to Zemi. Zemi’s smile didn’t leave. He agreed with her. And sent her off with a kiss. Lexi skipped down the ramp, entered the ring, and grabbed the microphone. Anoka started to roll out the ring and head back. Disappointment all over his face. Referee Erwin remain in the ring.

“Hello everyone! I’m Lexi Lovehart, your one stop shop to everything that’s love!” She girly squealed into the microphone. “Now it’s time for the women to close the show. We’ll send you home happy. We’ll fulfill your every desire. Sadie Vamprya join me in doing so!” Lexi gave the microphone back to Chad Murphy. She stood in a corner, waving to fans.

Most booed; most cheered. The booed drowned the cheers.

A chilly piano song expelled from the speakers. Sadie Vamprya stalked onto the main stage. Her lace hooded cloak sweeping behind her as she trailed to the ring.

“Now, entering the ring hailing from Hells Dungeon and weighing 145 pounds, this is Sadie Vamprya!” Chad left the ring.

The crowd loved Sadie. Lexi wanted such adoration. The bell sounded. Immediately Sadie tackled Lexi. However, Lexi sidestep last minute. Sadie knelt, ready for another pounce. Lexi upped her guard. Her eyes never left the situation. Sadie crouch leapt, trying for a take down. Lexi leapt forward but tripped. She didn’t see Sadie’s exposed toe. Sadie mounted and rained down forearms. Lexi squealed and squirmed while blocking. After some time and convincing from the official, Sadie stopped, got up, and yelled at the crowd. They cheered. She fired everyone up.

Sadie circled around Lexi like predator against prey. She bent down, grabbing a head full of hair and pulled Lexi to her feet. Lexi, however, hooked her arms around Sadie’s legs and arms. She then rolled Sadie’s body onto the mat, securing her in a small package pin.

Referee Erwin slid for the count. “1…2…only 2,” he said after Sadie kicked out.

Lexi rolled back onto one knee, about to gain grounded feet, but Sadie with a quick recovery kneed Lexi in the face. Lexi fell in shock and somewhat stunned. Sadie went for the cover. Referee Erwin jumped into position but didn’t get a count started yet as Lexi pushed off Sadie. Lexi’s rested on her side, her eyes glazed with heavy breathing. The surprise took the air from her lungs too. Sadie pulled Lexi to her feet, equal ground for both. Sadie pulled her into a headlock, started running and jumping. Sadie drove Lexi’s face onto the mat. A running bulldog. Sadie went for a quick cover. Lexi managed to kick out. Frustration clawed at Sadie. She then mounted Lexi with forearms to the side of her head. Lexi didn’t guard herself this time, but Sadie stopped in time before the referee could disqualify her and give the victory to Lexi. Sadie didn’t want to lose like that. Didn’t want to lose to Lexi at all. Sadie picked up Lexi to underhook her arms and fell back onto the mat with a underhook DDT. Sadie rolled Lexi onto her back, hooked her leg proudly, and the referee started his count.

“1…2…3! Ring the bell!” Referee Erwin said. The bell sounded and Sadie stood with her arm raised. The crowd cheered. After posing, Sadie left the ring. She walked up the ramp with her hand raised. She smiled. On the main stage she turned on her heels to give one last look upon her victory. When laying eyes upon the ring, a lone female had entered the ring and begun stomping Lexi. Lexi curled into a ball. Sadie, like the rest of the crowd, realized the intruder: Sophia Rose, reigning and defending woman’s champion from La Fiesta federation. The crowd went wild while the other half didn’t know what to express.

Sadie cursed under her breath, running back into the ring, and quickly struck Sophia Rose with a hard knee. Sophia bounced back, rolling out the ring and onto the floor.

“Get out of here bitch!” Sadie spat and pointing to the guest exit behind them.

Sophia grabbed her belt from the corner, hopped over the barricade and exited.

Sadie knelt to check on Lexi.

“I’d knew you save me.”


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