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I am happy that I’m finally getting to write that fictional wrestling novel.

Rookie 2018©

Zemi DeMarco is looking to create a name for himself on the indie wrestling circuit. He’s tired of jobbing. He’s tired of not being notice, even if the one girl of his dreams believes in him more than he believes in himself. He then takes matters into his own hands and destroys the Spearhead Wrestling promotion along with his reputation. People will start to take notice once he creates the stable known as Golden Rogues. But as Zemi and his dream girl ride high on in the indies, eventually all will crumble. Friends are rare in the wrestling business, love is slimmer, and reputation is everything. 


All rights reserved to Marie Shadows, writer and editor of Rookie ©2018©
All chapters of Rookie ©2018© are extreme first drafts and are subject to change.

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