Welcome to Works-In-Progress!

Marie Shadows here!

This section dedicates itself to keep you inform about the hobbies we pursue and share with you, our loyal fans.

In this section you’ll find:

Written Review: Written Review is tailored to articles. Marie Shadows writes about wrestling and at times the art of writing.

Novels: These are first drafted chapters of Novels that Marie Shadows will be working on. It is free to read.

Gaming: We are highly interested in creating a RavageLands Production game. This will take time and dedication. But it will happen. Stay tune for updates!

Podcasts: RavageLands Production is consisted of friends and family. When we gather for a nights out or even staying at home we often have conversations about everything and anything. But the purpose of the podcast will be Professional Wrestling. Later we’ll branch out into movies, writing, books, music–anything that pertains to the arts. We are an artsy bunch.

Nothing is set is stone. Everything is subjected to change.